Software Overview

The RSM3D application is designed as a module based, cross-platform software framework written in C++.

It is subdivided into the RSMCore package, containing all relevant algortihms and data structure, and a GUI representation framework written in Qt4, including RSMCore functionality as modules. RSM3D uses Coin3D with SimVoleon and SoQt as well as VTK for visualisation and analysis of reconstructed 3d datasets.

Short descriptions of the GUI products used:

Qt is a cross-platform application development framework in C++, widely used for the development of GUI programs and produced by Trolltech.

Coin3D is a high-level 3D graphics toolkit for developing cross-platform real-time 3D visualization and visual simulation software.
SIM Voleon is add-on library to Coin3D. SIM Voleon complements Coin3D's capabilities for polygon-based rendering with visualization of volumetric data sets.

The follwing packages extend the functionality of the RSM3D application:

DICOM support using the DCMTK - DICOM Toolkit, a referenz implementation of the DICOM standard by the university of Oldenburg.

The Visualization ToolKit (VTK) - an open source, C++ class library for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization.

OpenCV - The Open Computer Vision Library is an open source computer vision library originaly developed by Intel. It focuses mainly towards real-time image processing.